Ethereum Classic developers will test Atlantis update's code

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Ethereum classic hardfork Atlantis

This summer, the Atlantis update can be activated on the Ethereum Classic network, but its exact date remains unknown. In the meantime, cryptocurrency developers have agreed that the code will be tested in a test network, CoinDesk reports.

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This update should activate the changes that were formally proposed for the original Ethereum network back in 2017. Their goal is to improve interoperability between the two blockchains and facilitate the migration of decentralized applications (dApps) from one network to another.

During the video conference, which took place this Thursday, the developers agreed that the activation of Atlantis in the test network could take place on June 19th.

At the same time, as noted, last week there were disagreements about certain components of the update in their camp. In particular, concern was expressed about the effectiveness of establishing a fixed-size code for smart contracts, which would require hard fork, a backward incompatible change of the network code.

A number of developers believe that in this case, it is possible to manage with a soft fork, which will not require mandatory updating of clients, and, apparently, no decision has been made on this issue. Further discussions on this issue should take place on Thursday, June 13th.