Eth is up to $500 For the First Time Since July 2018

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Eth price 20.11.2020

Ethereum (ETH) price surged noticeably, hitting $500. This is a new high for more than 2 years.

Last week the Ethereum search interest on Google was increased. It is apparently connected with Ethereum 2.0’s launch as potential buyers are looking to enter ETH markets and registers on the back of the network’s upgrade launch.

In addition, the printing of nearly 5 million ETH is about to happen. Recently, when asked about ETH’s maximum supply, Vitalik Buterin said that for the next one to two years (or until the actual merging), the network would produce around 4.7 million coins.

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The news of the US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] giving its approval for the Grayscale Ethereum Trust as the first public quoted ETH investment product in the country had also its impact on the progress. This would enable users to purchase shares throughout the trading hours just like in the traditional markets.