EOS Price Fell 25% after Dan Larimer's Resign

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Dan Larimer resigns

Blockchain enterpriser and co-founder of Block.one Dan Larimer has resigned after four years serving his role as a chief technological officer. Block.one began offering EOS tokens in June 2017, collecting more than $4 B, a record for an ICO.

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The company developed EOS.IO blockchain protocol based on the digital currency EOS. Dan Larimer left his position on December 31, 2020. He informed the community about the move on a public network called Voice on Sunday.

Larimer said he would carry on his work of creating an open market, optional solutions for protecting freedom, holdings, and equity for everyone. He mentioned he would aim to build more censorship-resistant technologies.

After the news went public, the price of EOS quickly fell around 25%.

On January 9, Larimer told about boycotting Twitter because of censorship issues. Earlier, on December 10, Iota announced splitting up with the co-founder David Sønstebø.