Entrepreneur John McAfee Faces Lawsuit for Crypto Hoax

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McAfee charged

US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York submitted a lawsuit against the architect of the McAfee antivirus software firm John McAfee and the executive advisor of his cryptocurrency staff Jimmy Gale Watson with funds scam and money laundering.

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The police detained Jimmy Watson on March 4, in Texas. As for McAfee, he is under arrest in Spain. In October 2020, the industrialist was charged with tax invasions and deceptive posts about ICOs. According to law, banishment to the US is settled for this type of crime.

The attorney-at-law of the Southern District of NY Audrey Strauss claims in the report that McAfee and Watson spread lies about crypto assets through social media platforms and made millions by doing so. As alleged, they raised $13 M from investors who believed in the truthness of the tweets.

The accused may face jail, as each count of the indictment suggests a maximum sentence of at least five years. Financial penalties are also being viewed.