Elon Musk complained about crypto scammers: McAfee replied

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McAfee Elon Musk scam

Famous entrepreneur John McAfee believes that the problem of cryptocurrency fraud on the social network Twitter can be solved in a day. So he replied to the head of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, who said that the attackers reached a new level.

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In particular, Musk reacted to the message that cryptocurrency scammers increasingly crack verified accounts and use them to promote bitcoin scams.

“The crypto scam level on Twitter is reaching new levels. This is not cool”, -wrote the head of Tesla.

Note that earlier hackers, through fake Twitter accounts of Еlon Mask, advertised the distribution of 10 thousand bitcoins, and the entrepreneur himself urged the creator of Dogecoin to fight Twitter fraud.

At the same time, John McAfee complained that his name is much more often used to promote fraudulent projects on Twitter. According to McAfee, the social network ignored all his complaints.

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“If I ran Twitter's development team, this problem would be solved in 24 hours,” he wrote and turned to the creator of the social network, Jack Dorsey.

Recall that the problem of fraud on Twitter for a long time worried community representatives. In 2018, Dorsey announced that his company was exploring the possibilities of using blockchain technology to combat cybercriminals.