Doge Tweet Volume and the Price Are Up

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Dogecoin price is going up after decline

On January 28, Dogecoin's price surged from around $0.01 to over $0.04 overnight. This progress was due to the Reddit movement, which began against Wall Street Bets.

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The market cap of the coin went up by 980%, bringing it to the top 10. The last time it was included in these rankings, was in 2015. Along with this, tweet volume went to new highs. The leading hashtags are "Dogecoinarmy", and "dogetothemoon".

At the end of the week, trading volume was so high on the exchange platform Robinhood that it announced having issues handling the process. The platform said that purchases might not be immediately completed.

Many thought the bustle would end soon, and people would prefer to invest in different assets. That's true that the price saw a decline after its peak of $0.087. Saturday afternoon, it was lower than $0.022. Trading volume also dropped notably (71%). However, today the price is up again. Now the cryptocurrency trades at around $0.039, ranking the 14th in terms of market cap.