Deutsche Bank analyst believes BTC has become part of financial system

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Bitcoin (BTC) will remain a volatile instrument, but it has already become part of the modern financial system. This point of view is shared by Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Labour.

He believes that, in fact, BTC can be called digital gold. Cryptocurrency will exist for centuries its main advantage is that it is not under the control of central banks and governments.

The expert published an article on the Deutsche Bank website in which he predicted that Bitcoin is going to remain a volatile asset. Most transactions with this coin are now speculative. However, no one will be able to liquidate cryptocurrency, and it will become a full-fledged instrument in the 21st century.

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According to Labour, states should control bitcoin. Only if crypto regulation is introduced, it will be possible to ensure the transparency of transactions and the protection of investors.

The expert notes: “If Bitcoin is sometimes referred to as digital gold, ether would then be digital silver.”