Crypto Market Cap Got Ahead of Google Stock With $1.4T

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Crypto market cap over  $1.413 trillion

Crypto market cap has made a great advancement recently. The first time ever it has surpassed Alphabet’s GOOG and GOOGL in terms of market capitalization.

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Today the indicator hit $1.413 trillion. At the moment, the market cap of GOOGL and GOOG stands at $1.39 trillion, while the one of crypto $1.404 trillion.

The crypto market cap had set a new record in January reaching the $1 trillion mark. Before that, the index had gone up to $815 billion leaving behind Tesla in these terms. On February 8, Tesla announced a 1.5 B investment in Bitcoin.

Now, the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is higher than Amazon's, Microsoft's, and Apple's. Recently, the two largest digital assets reached new all-time highs. BTC reached $48000 and Ether $1800. Currently, bitcoin trades at around $45000 and Eth at $1750.