Coinbase CEO About Crypto Investments

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Brian Armstrong  advice

BTC price growth attracts more and more investors, who sometimes are so enthusiastic that don't take into account all the possible risks.

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The co-founder and CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong posted about this issue. He says that the instability of crypto assets should be carefully researched as crypto fluctuations happen very often.

Armstrong mentioned the crypto market’s bullish run in 2017 explaining that high prices result in high volatility.

His advice to new crypto investors is to view crypto investments as a long-term market. Coinbase CEO called the cryptocurrency a “game-changing innovation,” mentioning that the number of large corporations attracted to crypto has considerably increased in 2020. However, this type of investment is not like others due to the speed of the market fluctuates.

Armstrong finds it wrong to view crypto assets as a short-term investment and says it's essential to be financially educated while investing. He stated that cryptocurrency is still at its early stages, with its full potential as an investment yet to come.