Chef Nomi returned $14.000.000 to ETH

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Sushiswap funds return

From the time of its appearance, SushiSwap has been widely discussed. It became more talked about when the secret author Chef Nomi withdrew approximately $14M of developer store. Later the rights to manage the protocol were given to FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Recently Chef Nomi made a publishment on Twitter telling that he gave $14 M back to the treasury and expressing his regrets. He apologised to Binance, which was criticised for listing the Sushi token. Nomi also apologised to everyone whose expectations he had failed.

Next, Chef Nomi said that he would still be a part of discussions and technical activities of SushiSwap without having any control.

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Earlier this week, over $800 million in stocks was moved from Uniswap liquidity pools to SushiSwap as a step of a migration process.

Although crypto users welcomed Chef Nomi's move, there were contradictory opinions. Some of the users think that it was FTX, Binance and Band Protocol who organised the restoration of the funds. Anyway, after the tweet, the price of Sushi had a 16% increase reaching to $2.70.