Chainlink Now Is in Grayscale's Digital Large-Cap Fund

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Grayscale LINK

Leading digital currency investing services provider GrayScale has integrated Chainlink's (LINK) to its Digital Large Cap Fund (GDLC).

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Recently, the token has been seeing a significant price increase. At the time, it stands at above $33 ranking tenth by market cap (above $13.7 B).

As stated in the publication, Grayscale has arranged the Fund’s asset basket by trading current Fund Components and implying the sum to acquire LINK following the Fund's structure policy.

Earlier Grayscale formed five altcoin trusts and among them was LINK.

After XRP had been excluded from the fund in January, the space was empty. Now the number of tokens forming the fund is five again. They are BTC, Ether, BCH, LTC, and newly joined LINK.

GDLC allows getting exposure to market-cap balanced holdings via a single product without needing to buy, store, and secure currencies in person. The company's latest post published today reveals that GDLC holds over $542 M assets under management.