BTC ends April in the red zone for the first time in 6 years

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Since 2015, every April has proven to be a successful month for Bitcoin. However, this year's winning streak will be interrupted.

The largest digital currency is ending its second month of spring in the red. On the night of Friday, April 30, the BTC rate fell to $53,000. The capitalization of bitcoin decreased by 3.17% to $ 992.612 billion.

At the same time, March 2021, on the contrary, turned out to be very successful for BTC. If in previous years the coin lost value in the first month of spring, then this year, on the contrary, the BTC rate has strengthened by about 30%.

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Note that Bitcoin options totaling up to $ 4.2 billion expire today. Open interest in this product is now $ 13.54 billion, 88% of which is on the Deribit exchange.

OKEx Insights analyst Robbie Liu predicts that Bitcoin is likely to end April at $ 54,000.

It is unlikely that the players in the next day will provoke an aggravation of volatility in the market, so most experts expect a calm end of the current week.