Breez launches a lightning-powered iPhone app for Bitcoin payments

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Breez launches a lightning-powered iPhone app for Bitcoin payments

Breez is presenting an iOS version of their application. According to information provided by the corporation, this’s going to be the primary app that runs on Neutrino, a lightning network client for Bitcoin.

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Roy Sheinfeld, the founder of Breez, announced that the corporation has fixed the puzzle of how to dispute proceedings and get returns and now this app is to become proper for all types of purchases.

So, here’s how it works: someone gets the app and installs it. Breez prepares a channel for payments on its hub, which is related to all Lightning nodes of the system. This job is done by the app automatically and it lets users make transactions with everyone in the system. When the transaction is performed two sides sign a sheet (cryptographically) about balance update to show Bitcoin’s amount changes that were kept in their wallets. At the end of the process, the data about the transaction and new balances are recorded on the ledger. In the dispute case, both sides may apply the sheet they’ve signed to make a refund.

Now the projects beta version is making progress on Android. It obtained numbers of users just in several minutes. The beta version for iOS will operate on Apple Developer’s TestFlight. Sheinfeld mentioned that the iOS version will give them an opportunity of accessing over 98% of mobile users all over the world.

Also, Sheinfeld mentioned that he thinks Bitcoin has all chances to make all other fiat and crypto currencies obsolete.