Brave will introduce built-in Bitcoin trading option

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Brave browser

The developers of the privacy-oriented browser Brave intend to add the opportunity to sell, purchase, exchange, and store cryptos. To this end, the organization started a partnership with the Binance.

Currently, the corresponding widget is accessible in the Nightly beta and allows only Bitcoin purchases through the Binance API. It is expected that the full functionality of the widget in the main version of the browser will be available in April.

“The Binance widget provides a more trustworthy way to purchase and trade cryptos, and also simplifies interaction with the platform’s ecosystem,” remarked Changpen Zhao.

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The crypto widget is a natural step in the evolution of the browser. Eich added that the developers heeded the requests of crypto enthusiasts who expected to see this function with an Ethereum wallet.

Brave Software founder also introduced plans to create mobile wallets and implement support for other cryptos.

Adding a trading widget confronts Brave in competition with other browsers with crypto support, for example, with Opera.

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Recall that in March, a wallet from Wyre was integrated into Opera, which allowed U.S. residents to buy BTC and ETH using Apple Pay and debit cards. After Wyre entered the EU market, this option also became available to residents of more than 20 countries of the Old Continent.