Bitso is the main partner of the state BTC wallet of El Salvador

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Around the development and direct launch of the state cryptocurrency wallet of El Salvador - Chivo, a variety of gossip and rumors have been circulating for a long time: from allegations of money laundering to financing corruption. However, apart from the assumptions and guesses of the small media, no facts have confirmed the rumor. In turn, the developers of the state MTC wallet themselves finally broke the silence and disclosed some information about the work on the project.

So, according to the official statement of the authorities of the Latin American country, the Mexican platform for trading digital assets Bitso will become the provider of cryptocurrency services and, in combination, the main partner of Chivo.

It is known that the crypto exchange will provide all kinds of support to El Salvador in the development and functioning of the wallet. In addition to her, by the way, such companies as Silvergate Bank, Athena Bitcoin, Algorand became partners of the project.