Bitcoin is lower than $8000. Oil fell by 30%.

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Bitcoin price drops

Today, March 9, the price of the leading crypto coin fell below $ 8,000, pulling a broader market.

The chart below shows that the fall was sharp, amid a surge in trading volumes. At some point, BTC touched the $ 7684 mark, then won back a bit.

Most popular altcoins fell by more than 10%. So, for example, the top ten looks:

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Ethereum and Bitcoin SV returned to the $ 200 area, Litecoin now costs $ 50. The total market capitalization over the past day has decreased by 9.6% and now amounts to $ 226 billion.

Note that cryptocurrency prices are falling against the backdrop of a collapse in oil prices:

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Brent crude fell by more than 20% - this is the greatest daily drop in 29 years.