Bitcoin Broke $51.000 First Time in History

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BTC at $51.000

Today Bitcoin set another all-time high of $51.000. On February 15, the price surpassed $49500, and the day after that it went up to $50.000.

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At the moment the leading cryptocurrency trade at around $50.800. The market cap stands at $944 Billion at the moment. Along with this, miners' revenues reached new highs.

Analysts assume the price will likely go higher. At the moment Bitcoin trades at $48700.

There is a really high demand from institutional investors. On February 13, American multinational investment bank and financial services provider Morgan Stanley announced considering adding Bitcoin to its list of possible bets. The firm's investment unit

Counterpoint Global views the option and is waiting to get approval from the company and regulators.

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The largest cryptocurrency has been drawing the attention of major companies like Master Card, Tesla, BNY Mellon Bank, and others. Microstrategy plans to offer a $600 million aggregate principal amount of convertible senior notes to buy Bitcoin. The CEO of the company Michael Saylor is one of cryptocurrency's biggest supporters.