Billionaire Carl Icahn calls Bitcoin insurance against inflation

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Icahn Enterprises founder Carl Icahn warned of an impending crisis and announced the protective properties of bitcoin against inflation.

In the past, a bitcoin skeptic has expressed fears about the devaluation of the dollar and said there is a high chance of unwinding an inflationary spiral due to the economic stimulus.

“In the long term, financial markets will surely hit a wall. A crisis is inevitable because of the way we print money and go into inflation. The rise in consumer prices has become pervasive. I don’t know how you will deal with this, ”said Icahn.

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When asked about investing in the first cryptocurrency, the billionaire answered evasively.

“We have a lot of smart guys on our team, and we just don't understand Bitcoin. We're not going to invest in what we don't get. If inflation ramparts, the first cryptocurrency will have value. There are many variables, it is very difficult to invest in this asset, ”he explained. We will remind, in May, Karl Icahn announced the planned "large-scale" investments in cryptocurrencies.