Bank of El Salvador has found a partner to process BTC transactions

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Bancoagrícola, one of the largest banking institutions in El Salvador, will provide a service for processing bitcoin transactions.

Recall that in this Latin American country a law came into force this week recognizing bitcoin as a legal tender.

Bancoagrícola’s management is going to partner with Flexa, through whose payment gateways the bank will be able to process cryptocurrency transactions. The parties have already signed a corresponding partnership agreement, according to the blog of the blockchain startup.

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Clients of the Salvadoran bank will be able to pay for goods and services using dollar cards linked to Chivo and Éclair crypto wallets with Lightning support.

In El Salvador, a growing number of shops and foodservice outlets where you can pay with BTC. For example, the Salvadoran office of McDonald’s recently announced support for cryptocurrency.

At the same time, in El Salvador itself, not all citizens support the law on the legalization of bitcoin. The country even held protests against such a step by the government. Although, local journalists drew attention to the fact that there were very few protesters.