Atari Games is Launching its Token Next Week

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Atari games launches its token

Famous arcade games company Atari Games joins the crypto sphere. Gaming cryptocurrencies have already gained huge popularity their funds reaching billions of dollars.

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Atari has been the initiator of many gaming innovations. It has also a great deal in the modification of the digital gamble token field.

The first time, well-known game maker talked about its new ERC-20 asset was in June 2020.

In November it presented the primary public trade. The Atari token is designed to deliver decentralization and generalization to the video game and shared entertainment management. Besides, the asset will be employed to power gambling sites and eSports staking operations.

The Atari gaming asset is planned for a formal release in the coming week. The CEO of Atari Games Fred Chesnais told that the company is very optimistic about the prospects of gaming-based utility tokens and views the industry as an ability for long-term development.