Another businessman predicted a crazy year for Bitcoin

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The number of bitcoin supporters is growing among businessmen. Earlier it became known that such large players as, for example, Paul Tudor Jones, have already invested in BTC.

U. S. Global Advisors CEO Frank Holmes said that 2021 will be a crazy year not only for gold but also for cryptocurrencies. First of all, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) will win.

These digital currencies hold the greatest potential, Holmes said.

The businessman also noted: "The number of bitcoin wallets has been growing steadily over the past three years. This is good and steady growth."

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One of the drivers of the long-term strengthening of the BTC rate is the so-called May halving (reduction of miners' reward).

Holmes believes that, unlike gold, the volume of cryptocurrency is limited. That is why the demand for it will increase as the mining date of the last coin approaches.

The CEO of U. S. Global Advisors said that if tomorrow gold mines cut the supply of metal to the markets by 50%, then the price of this asset will skyrocket to $ 10,000.

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The value of Ether will rise as the DeFi market expands. This ecosystem has great potential, so it will attract new investors throughout the next year.