Amid legal controversy, TON explorers are already available

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Telegram Open Network

Operating blockchain explorers are ready for TON's testnet, notwithstanding the SEC's lawsuit that made Telegram delay the mainnet start. Blockchair declared the construction of a user-oriented option to Telegram's version.

Telegram Open Network gathered over $1.7B in a private ICO in 2018. It intends to become a substitute for the two leading crypto projects - Bitcoin and Ethereum, by emphasizing a transaction throughput, which, according to statements, is going to be competing with prominent payment systems. TON plans to use the PoS consensus mechanism, and it'll also support dApps.

The development team of Telegram has already issued a skeleton blockchain explorer for the test network. Lately, Blockchair issued an additional perfected variant, comparable to explorers for other networks.

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The software firm published APIs for programmers to interact with the blockchain, although the official papers mention that the testnet is extremely sensitive.