Akon got permission to build his crypto city in Senegal

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Akon city

Famous rapper and businessperson Akon made a post on Twitter that he agreed with the state of Senegal. According to their adjustment, Akon got permission for founding his crypto-oriented - Akon City.

In 2018 CNN published an article where the rapper mentioned that his city is going to be constructed on a 2000-acre piece of land. Akon noticed that the property was to be a gift from the president of Senegal. In that period, the official website of the city stated that the area is supposed to be near the airport of Senegal. Currently, there are no more updates on the location topic.

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All the transactions are going to be conducted by crypto in Akon city. But the proposed official currency is not Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is going to be freshly issued native coin Akoin.

The creation of a new crypto was declared by the rapper in 2018 with the news about Crypto City. Although there are no official papers for this crypto yet, Akon is successfully selling it to investors.

The official platform hype the release of a white paper and an “explainer video” sometime before February 2020.