Abra CEO: The US government promotes the spread of bitcoin

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Bill Barhydt

The policy of the US authorities creates conditions for the large-scale distribution of bitcoin, according to the CEO of Abra, Bill Barhydt.

He expressed his point of view during a conversation with Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano. The attempt by the US government to give a boost to the economy leads to accelerated inflation and rapid depreciation of the dollar.

Barhydt said: "I think this is a turning point for bitcoin as a new asset class."

The American leadership unknowingly encourages investors to leave the dollar for alternative instruments.

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The CEO of Abra noted that the dollar had depreciated 99% over the past century. Bitcoin should take advantage of this situation. That is an excellent chance for the entire cryptocurrency industry to strengthen its position in the world.

Barhydt stressed that the limited supply of BTC is definitely a factor that attracts investors looking to preserve their capital.

Many other experts adhere to a similar point of view. For example, billionaire Mike Novogratz believes that this year Bitcoin will repeat the race three years ago and reach $ 20,000, thanks to the massive transition of players to this tool.