2020: Summing up the crypto year

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2020 has been a weary year for all of us. It was full of various events, which have affected our lives and changed our everyday routine.

Let's hope that 2021 will be better and sum up all the significant events of this year.

2020 started with bushfires in Australia. All the crypto community was trying to help to fight against the disaster. At that time, Binance has donated $1M to the victims.

One of the more positive news for the blockchain world was the report of Linkedin. It was ranking blockchain professions at the top of the highest salary jobs.

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What we all have learned during the years of our life: is that "The Simpsons" never say something that won't make sense in the future. So, they have mentioned crypto in one of their episodes, calling it "money of the future".

Then the COVID-19 has started to spread around the world. The virus was already detected in China at the end of 2019. But in 2020, millions of people started getting infected with coronavirus, and it has been defined as a pandemic. Of course, it had and is continuing to have its influence on the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Crypto summits, forums, and other events have been postponed or canceled. Some of them were being held by videoconferences. Countries have been lockdown, and companies started to work from home.

The plus of the COVID for blockchain and crypto community was that more people started to pay attention to the technology and invest in various crypto coins. Ethereum apps have become popular again, DeFi has become a trend, Bitcoin price has reached a new high and is continuing to gain momentum.

What's more, large corporations have done a great job by integrating crypto. During 2020, PayPal has enabled Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, and Facebook has revealed plans to, finally, launch Libra in January.

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And here we have come to the end of 2020, hoping and believing 2021 will be wondrous. But what we certainly know is that the Blockchain Today platform will continue its work to update you with the latest crypto and blockchain news.

Happy New Year!