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Nexus (NXS) price, charts and news



Nexus market data

NXS Coin Price: $0.102173
NXS Market Cap: $0.00
NXS Circulating Supply: 0.00 NXS
NXS Total Supply: 74,084,647 NXS
NXS 24 Hour Volume: $2,042
NXS 24 Hour High: $--
NXS 24 Hour Low: $--
NXS 24h Change: 6.65%

What is Nexus?

Nexus is a P2P system which increased the safety, activity, approachability and scalability of nowadays blockchains. It does this applying a quantum-stable 3D blockchain with broadcasting spacecraft in space. Nexus creator Colin Cantrell did this to make blockchain absolutely decentralized. Nexus has produced three-dimensional blockchain by applying 3 consensus methods. The platform’s native currency is known as Nexus coin or just NXS. In April 2019 NXS token’s market capitalization was $24 million.

NXS price historical chart

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