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LBRY Credits

LBRY Credits (LBC) price, charts and news



LBRY Credits market data

LBC Coin Price: $0.025101
LBC Market Cap: $16,410,408
LBC Circulating Supply: 654,243,963 LBC
LBC Total Supply: 1,083,202,000 LBC
LBC 24 Hour Volume: $96,495
LBC 24 Hour High: $--
LBC 24 Hour Low: $--
LBC 24h Change: 10.51%

What is LBRY Credits?

LBRY is a combination of various elements. The most familiar thing in LBRY is being a platform where users can discover different interesting videos, books and other entertainment contents. But the important thing is that LBRY is a protocol which lets building applications that communicate with digital content on the network. Apps that are created using this protocol enable authors to upload their content to LBRY or hosts and establish a cost per download or stream or just put it free to watch. The network has created its app for users to make the work with protocol easier. LBRY network is open-source and is managed by the community. The native token of the platform which is donated with the symbol LBC is used for making payments easier inside the platform. An alternative way of getting coins is for users of the system, who can obtain LBC by way of in-app bonuses.

LBC price historical chart

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