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IOST (IOST) price, charts and news



IOST market data

IOST Coin Price: $0.016875
IOST Market Cap: $388,456,645
IOST Circulating Supply: 23,219,426,040 IOST
IOST Total Supply: 23,219,426,040 IOST
IOST 24 Hour Volume: $30,929,944
IOST 24 Hour High: $--
IOST 24 Hour Low: $--
IOST 24h Change: -7.81%

What is IOST?

Made from IoS this is an enterprise-level network which operates on blockchain and is named an IOST. As the platform is exploiting the BaaS notion it absolutely fits for mass appropriation. The platform runs on a so-called “Proof of Believability” consent algorithm. This concept was specifically built to prove the effectiveness and safety of transactions that are being made on the chain. In March 2019 the token’s market cap reached $91 million and the circulating supply equalled 12 Billion IOST.

IOST price historical chart

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