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ECOMI (OMI) price, charts and news



ECOMI market data

OMI Coin Price: $0.000934
OMI Market Cap: $252,975,222
OMI Circulating Supply: 270,290,548,316 OMI
OMI Total Supply: 311,045,562,333 OMI
OMI 24 Hour Volume: $705,570
OMI 24 Hour High: $--
OMI 24 Hour Low: $--
OMI 24h Change: 4.08%

What is ECOMI?

Ecomi is a digital collection technology company. Its platform, ECOMI Collect, enables consumers to collect digital collectibles. The company's token, OMI, is a standard token that is used to purchase digital items through the app. When an individual purchases OMI tokens, the transaction is completed and the tokens are sent to a smart contract. After a successful transaction, the invalid ones are sent to a public smart contract. Each user of the app has a built-in wallet that can be accessed from their account. It features a variety of features, including the ability to store and manage their custom tokens and digital collectible. The project was founded by David Yu, Joseph Janik, and Daniel Crothers. David was also a founder of Games R Us Ltd at the age of 17. He has 21 years of experience in the retail industry. David was working with intellectual property, transforming licenses into brands. Currently, David Yu is the CEO of the Ecomi project. Joseph is an Australian entrepreneur who began his first business at 18 years old. He has been involved in Blockchain technology since 2016. At that time, he became a very successful day trader and found key opportunities in the cryptosphere. Now, he is the head of hardware sales of Ecomi. Daniel has founded several successful startups, including a web agency servicing international clients such as Hasbro and The Red Cross. He became interested in the cryptocurrency sphere in early 2016. OMI is a utility token used as a medium of exchange when a user purchases or sells their digital collectibles on the VeVe platform. This token also maintains a permanent record of possession of digital collectibles. ECOMI Collect utilizes the OMI token to facilitate the purchase and trade of digital collectibles. OMI is a token produced on GoChain. This blockchain is decentralized, scalable, and supports dApps and smart contracts. It is also entirely backward-compatible with Ethereum.

OMI price historical chart

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