ZenGo Wallet Starts Supporting Libra Test Network

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Zengo Libra network

The developers of the non-custodian crypto wallet ZenGo have implemented support for the digital currency Libra test network.

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At the moment users will be able to send and receive tokens of the Libra test network, however, developers warn that so far these funds have no real value.

You can activate access to the test network from the account tab in the wallet.

The ZenGo developers report says that after activation, users are convinced of the availability of a backup copy of the wallet, and then the first Libra will be sent to them.

They also warned that the Libra test network may be periodically subjected to maintenance and updates, during which "all data on the network is reset along with transaction history and account balances."

ZenGo is currently available only for iOS devices. The developers did not report the possibility of an Android version.