YouTube's Look at 2022 Includes Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse

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Youtube NFTs metaverse

The leading video sharing site Youtube released a blog post on behalf of Chief Product Officer, Neal Mohan. He presented what improvements and features were added in 2021, what is new and what tools and features to expect.

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Plans of the company include introducing new insights for video creators and studying the ways of integration of blockchain solutions in their services. Neal Mohan wrote that Web 3 provides new possibilities for content creators. The YouTube team believes that blockchain along with NFTs will enable stronger fan-content creator connections. They will deliver new ways of collaboration and monetization of projects.

Users will be able to own videos, photos, art, and experiences.

Neal Mohan mentioned that there are lots of things to consider for using new tech in the right way, adding that YouTube believes there is a high potential. The company announced that it is looking at the metaverse to build a more immersive environment for viewing videos. Youtube will start the realization of this via games, making them feel more alive.

Interest from companies to integrate NFTs in their features and provide metaverse experiences is growing. In January Twitter Blue announced enabling NFT avatars. Instagram and Facebook are working to enable users to showcase NFTs through their profiles.