YouTube disabled live streaming of Cointelegraph

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YouTube video hosting has disabled the live streaming of the halving process hosted by the Cointelegraph website.

The Cointelegraph intended to broadcast live the third BTC halving, which took place on May 11 at 2 PM Central Time. Before the interruption of the broadcast on YouTube, Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Meltem Demirors, and many others managed to make a live broadcast in almost 7 hours.

However, the video stream was stopped by YouTube after 6 hours 42 minutes, and more than 2000 viewers lost the opportunity to see the logical end of the program.

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That is not the first time that YouTube has practiced censorship of cryptocurrencies, pushing the creators of such content to switch to alternative decentralized platforms.

Cointelegraph says that YouTube’s opaque crypto policy is very shocking for both the company and its audience. Video hosting, as usual, refers to the fact that it was presented "harmful or dangerous content" that violates the YouTube association policy.

The Cointelegraph website also said that it has already appealed against such a video hosting solution.