WBTC and WETH Now are on Tron

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Wrapped BTC

California-based digital asset trust company BitGo has set WBTC in motion on the TRON system. This presents tokenized Bitcoin in the Tron environment while making the currency transfers faster and low price. WBTC joining TRON is done amid record-breaking demand on Ethereum, which resulted in increased gas charges.

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In October 2020, Tron announced teaming up with BitGo to bring BitGo’s Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) into the Tron network as a TRC-20 token. The firm stated that Bitgo customers are already minting WBTC and WETH as TRC-20 tokens.

Tron creator Justin Sun announced the move will help to avoid surging transaction fees on Ethereum. He mentioned that this and the other DeFi services of Tron such as JustLink and JustSwap intend to allow clients to reach their preferred digital currencies with high liquidity.

With Ethereum facing fee problems and transaction difficulties, there's a high likelihood for protocols such as Binance will begin accepting BTC funds via TRON WBTC. If this happens, Tron will become a more popular means of fund transfers between markets due to its time and cost efficiency.