Voting Requests of TRON Network were Approved

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Justin Sun about Tron voting requests

The creator of the protocol TRON Justin Sun highlighted the fact that the TRON network is still the lowest-cost public chain. He also said that with the efforts of all communities the network will achieve much progress.

TRON is a decentralized system that was created to help guide the decentralized internet. Like Ethereum, TRON supports Dapp engineers to build and employ intricate protocols through smart contracts that operate on its native blockchain.

On November 25, Justin Sun published on Twitter that No.47 and No.48 voting requests of Tron network opened by Super Representative Crypto Guy in South Africa were formally approved. The decision was made at 2:00 25th November 2020 (SGT) to expand the resource amount of the Tron network.

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It is expected that after the project takes action more Dapp developers will freeze the TRX, the freezing of the whole network will be greatly improved, and the network will be more stable.

Earlier this month TRON stopped the block production at 10:00 UTC for approximately two hours. Sun explained that the gap in the block production was due to an attacker exploiting the latest Tron software. He also stated that they had to update the node’s software and after which the block production began.