Vodafone cooperates with IBM for supplier blockchain trust

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Vodafone cooperates with IBM for supplier blockchain trust

For becoming more open and productive, Vodafone, a telecom titan, started a collaboration with IBM.

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Involving blockchain technology, IBM began its path to supplier compliance improvement and simplification.

The project is named Trust Your Supplier and it involves numerous leader corporations. Vodafone Procurement Company CEO Ninian Wilson told that several founder members are cooperating with the TYS project and that Vodafone is one of those organisations.

Other corporations who are teaming up: Nokia, Lenovo, Cisco, GlaxoSmithKline, etc.

Wilson told that for starting the collaboration supplier need to make sure that he passed some basic checks and verifications. These checks include the supplier’s track record, risks, legitimacy and so on.

IBM has a concept of improving the aspect in Vodafone and its plan consists of harnessing blockchain, operating with leading players, reducing the boundary to entry for small companies.