Ukrainian cyber policemen are suspected of stealing bitcoins

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Four Kharkiv cyber police officers are suspected of stealing bitcoins after a search. Law enforcers allegedly transferred cryptocurrency from a wallet to a mobile device after it was withdrawn. The court decided to provide access to the data of mobile operators to clarify the circumstances.

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In January, a search was conducted against a suspect in fraud, during which a mobile phone was seized. Half an hour after the search was completed, 2,043 BTC were transferred to an unknown address from the wallet on the device.

“According to the results of the investigative experiment in criminal proceedings, it was established that logging into the account and the corresponding operation was possible exclusively using the victim’s mobile phone, which was protected by a unique two-factor authentication system,” the resolution said.

The deputy chief of the department, two senior inspectors and one inspector of the Slobodsky Criminal Code of the DCT NP of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region are suspected of illegal actions.

The court granted the request of the State Bureau of Investigation to obtain access to information from mobile operators. It can help identify individuals who had direct access to the phone during the transaction.

If the guilt of law enforcement is proven, they face up to ten years in prison.

Recall that earlier the employees of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine were suspected of mining cryptocurrencies on official computers.