Twitter-Backed Social Media BlueSky Issued Its First Codes

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BlueSky social media

Decentralized social media startup BlueSky, initially backed by Twitter issued its first codes and revealed the start to work in public.

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The team published a blog post that says the received funding four months ago allowed hiring a team and beginning the development process.

Twitter ex Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey introduced BlueSky in 2019 as an open and decentralized social media platform. Since February, the company has been operating as an independent organization.Jack Dorsey continues to be one of the group’s board members.

BlueSky got an initial funding by Twitter, and then raised $13 M in a funding round to get started on R&D (Research and Development). The working process is public, which means it is transparent and available to the public, and takes feedback into account. BlueSky's first experiment is the ADX (Authenticated Data Experiment). The team also shared the overview of the network architecture describing technical details of how the data repository works.

In April, BlueSky reminded via a tweet that it’s a seperate company and Elon Musk’s acquiring Twitter won’t affect it in any way. It mentioned that Twitter’s funding is not subject to any conditions but to carry out research and development of decentralized technologies to power the platform.