Tron Announced $10 M DeFi Hackathon

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Tron $10 M hackathon

Blockchain-based DeFi platform Tron holds a hack fest on its 5th anniversary.

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Tron has been making great progress. On August 18, 2020, TRON-powered crypto exchange JustSwap was launched. On December 7, the network released the lending platform JustLend.

At the moment, the total value locked in Tron defi surpasses $1.3 B. The platform organizes the hackathon in terms of the DeFi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Alliance Support Program with a fund of $120 M. It aims to motivate and reward specialists for their work done for the TRON environment.

The event welcomes blockchain engineers, enterprisers, designers, project managers who have innovative ideas for creating DeFi protocols such as transfer, DEXs, and frameworks on Tron. Outlines linked to frameworks, data analysis and visual representation, stablecoin management, security, NFTs, mining, and decentralized file storage BitTorrent File System will be included too.

Registration of the hackathon has already begun. The deadline for applications is February 28.

Live broadcast of entries will take place from March 1 to 7.

In May, the users will be allowed to vote for their preferred project through TRX and SUN assets. The highest mark a group can win is 100 points.

  • The teams that exceed a limit of 80 will be considered to get a $50.000 prize by TRON founder Justin Sun.
  • $1 M reward will be divided among five 1st Prize winners.
  • The prize for 2nd place is also $1 M, but it will be divided among ten winners.
  • There is also Tron special prize of $500.000.

Here's a link for everyone who wants to apply: