Top 10 blockchain-related jobs you need to know about

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Top 10 blockchain-related jobs you need to know about

The sphere of programming and contemporary technologies is always looking for talented employees and has competitive salaries. Glassdoor has provided research which has shown impressive results - the interest in blockchain-related jobs has increased 300% in a year. Despite the concerns with governing authorities, it’s apparent that blockchain technology has a bright future.

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Blockchain jobs are in demand

The blockchain-related open positions on the Glassdoor equaled to 748 at the end of 2017. This was the “crypto-mania” bull run.

The website had over 1700 unique job openings connected with blockchain in the US in August 2018. This is a very high number because Bitcoin dropped in price in that period. And this indicates that the demand has grown dramatically just in a year.

According to Upwork’s Q1 2018 Skills Index, which tells us about 20 fast-growing skills for freelancers, the most rapidly developing is Blockchain. The website associated this technology with Cloud, which had the same success in the mid-2000s. This influential tendency made world-leading corporations, like IBM and Samsung, seriously think about blockchain technologies and even adopt them.

Top 10 demanded blockchain jobs

This industry is where you can develop or start your career in different directions - from a coder to a marketing manager - every one has its position and role in here. Now let’s explore 10 most in-demand blockchain jobs.

1. Blockchain developer

Blockchain developers support organizations and build programs for them. This job is one of the essentials in the sphere, and as the hugest corporations begin to show interest in the technology, this profession is getting more and more popular. Some organizations call this position as a blockchain engineer. Someone who intends to become a blockchain developer necessitates to be extremely attentive to details and have high-level technical abilities.

The annual salary range of a blockchain developer is from $150000 to $175000.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain developer?

The crucial element in any blockchain job is to study the basics of this system. You’ll have to master all the processes and the concept of technology. Plus, you’re expected to know basic terms like decentralized, mining, cryptography, smart contract, and so on.

Programming languages that will help you get into the blockchain: C++, C#, Go, and JavaScript. The standard language for blockchain coding is Solidity, which lets working with Ethereum smart contracts.

2. Blockchain designer

As the blockchains are becoming engaged in various industries and are being used by average users, the interface design of a platform is becoming essential. The objective of a designer is to build something that will reflect all the unique features of the blockchain and will be easy and appealing for the everyday user.

Salaries of this profession range from $45000 to $65000 per year.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain designer?

For becoming a blockchain designer, you are required to know about graphic design, learn basic tools, and techniques of UI/UX and read about blockchain basic processes. For making it more manageable, you can even try to buy a crypto coin. This will let you examine the transaction model in practice.

3. Blockchain quality engineer

As in any development ecosystem, a quality engineer in the blockchain must test the system and ensure all points of quality on the platform. Quality engineers are managing the test strategy for development and maintaining QA test criteria.

The quality engineer has a salary of $85000-$90000 per year.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain quality engineer?

This position requires not only knowing the essentials of the blockchain but the area as it is. For becoming a quality engineer, you necessitate studying coding, transactions, smart contracts, and other blockchain-related things. Also, it is necessary to have a good understanding of economics and improve problem-solving skills. For being able to give resolutions to quality issues in the system, you have to be able to adapt to the situation and technology.

4. Blockchain project manager

The chief responsibility of a project manager in a blockchain is to join the points from an organization’s specific business cases for the technology to experts of the industry who will provide the solution for the issue. This is similar to a regular project manager: the difference is the requirement of blockchain knowledge.

Salary for this profession is $75000-$90000 annually.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain project manager?

For becoming a blockchain project manager, you will need to have experience in regular project management, and as you are going to communicate with those who are experts in the sphere, you will have to know all the terms and fundamentals of the technology.

5. Blockchain legal consultant

The last issues with authorities are putting an accent on the importance of this job. Companies have started to look for experts who will solve the rising legal questions. A legal consultant is someone who understands all the laws and regulations of the country the blockchain is going to operate in and can provide information and resolutions for all the law-related difficulties.

Annually blockchain legal consultants earn $100000-$140000.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain legal consultant?

If your fundamental profession is a lawyer, you can effortlessly become a consultant for a blockchain project. The remarkable thing here is understanding the details of privacy and its security.

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6. Blockchain cryptographer

Cryptographer is a specialist who puts algorithms and defense systems into code. The chief responsibility of this job is to ensure security and protect the code from hacks and frauds.

The income of a cryptographer is $155000-$185000 per year.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain cryptographer?

Two fundamental skills for this position are math knowledge and perception of programming languages. Also, you’ll need to know about information and number theories. It is necessary to have a background in digital signatures, key exchange, encryption, and symmetric cryptography. The last-mentioned includes the understanding of message authentication codes, symmetric encryption, and hash functions. A soft skill, which is significant for this profession is to be a critical thinker.

7. Blockchain marketing manager

Today's world is concentrated on marketing. Every sphere has its marketing specializations, so the blockchain does. The marketing expert intends to promote the technology and the blockchain-made platform, so it’ll become massively used.

The marketing manager in the blockchain sphere earns $85000-$90000 a year.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain marketing manager?

To be a blockchain marketing manager, you’re required to have a scholarship in marketing or a related sphere. The essential points are to be able to think like the target audience and understand its requirements, be experienced in communications, and have a creative mind.

8. Blockchain writer

Blockchain writer is the one who generates content concerning the field. This content is mostly concentrated on average readers, so the purpose of a blockchain writer is to make up a text which will be not very term-stuffed, so everyone can read and understand what it’s about.

The average annual salary range for this job is $60000-$85000.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain writer?

To become a content writer, to have superior skills in research is necessary. Even if you are not an expert, you can just spend time on theme analysis to generate your content. If you’re a newbie, you can concentrate on a specific area, like decentralized applications or altcoins, then periodically add another theme: this will help you effortlessly find the information you need and gradually become an expert in the field in total.

9. Smart contract developer

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This is a profession for coders, who use Solidity language for generating contracts for cryptocurrencies. A smart contract is a safe technology, which was applied by Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Ethereum. It is practiced for making cryptocurrency transactions.

The annual income of a smart contract writer is $122000-$179000.

What do you need to know to become a smart contract writer?

Experience in building of smart contracts and programs that are based on Ethereum or Bitcoin with usage and tracking of cryptos is needed. Knowing the Dapps and experience in coding with Python or Javascript.

10. Blockchain sales manager

The sales manager has the same functions in the blockchain as in any other field. The purpose of this profession is to sell the idea or the product. In the case of blockchain, the object of the sales manager can be the blockchain platform itself or the services that it provides.

The salary of this profession is approximately the same as for the marketing manager job it ranges from $85000 to $90000.

What do you need to know to become a blockchain sales manager?

This job is quite similar to the marketing manager, and so the essential thing in it’s the knowledge of the target. The sales manager must have excellent analytical abilities to examine the market and the results of the created sales strategy.

Blockchains are involving more and more people and spheres day by day. Now each of us can become a part of this technology no matter what kind of scholarship or profession we have. The simple thing you’re required to spring your blockchain career is to advance your knowledge in the field.