TLT token, product of Madagascar Time is here to Takeover the Lottery Industry

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TLT token, product of Madagascar Time is here to Takeover the Lottery Industry

On 9 December, Madagascar Time Limited, an uprising start-up project, released its sister token TLT (Times Lottery Takeover). This unprecedented and incredibly efficient lottery system uses blockchain technology which creates transparency so that everyone can publicly see the rewards sent fairly. Backed by an international team, Madagascar Time focuses on charity work by combining social entrepreneurial skills with innovative ‘blockchain’ technology to change things for generations to come.

TLT has unique functions meant to revolutionise the concept of dividends or what crypto enthusiasts call reflections using a random lotto dividend . If say a cryptocurrency had 10,000 holders any percentage of reflections distributed to all holders becomes irrelevant due to the vast numbers of holders. To address this issue Madagascar Time has created a 3% random dividend lotto which means 3% of the total volume of buys/sells of the token accumulates into one wallet called the pot. Every hour a holder is rewarded a percentage of tokens in the pot which is determined randomly by a bot and is between 15-50% so that the pot never drains.

TLT will also consist of weekly draws for each tier/time period which will be live broadcasted and consist of the following;

  • 1st Draw can win from 1% - 10%
  • 2nd Draw can win from 5% - 20 %
  • 3rd Draw or Whale Club can win from 10-25%
  • Last Draw 1% of all 3 pools will go to a lucky $TIME holder

Each tier also has a pool of its own, 6% prize tax from each buy/sell goes into 3 different

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prize pools:

  • Tier 1 - 1%
  • Tier 2 - 2%
  • Tier 3 - 3%

There will also be a Monthly Draw for both TLT and TIME holders for a massive 15% of the 3 pools all together and finally a yearly jackpot draw prize of a space flight with Virgin Galactic/Blue Origins (once available and prize conditions met).

Ryan Bishop, cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “it’s about $TIME an organization started changing lottery systems for the benefit of participants while doing charity. Together we can buy $TIME for the planet and future generations.”

To date, Madagascar Time has donated over $75,000 to several charitable causes dealing with issues such as quality of life, poverty, endangered species, education and tree planting. For example, a partnership has been formed with Madagascar Seed and through Mr. Beasts Team Tree Project have helped to plant 41,000 trees. Further details can be found at

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The project grows exponentially in numbers each month helping create an endless movement towards a better environment, as more and more crypto enthusiasts and environmentalists find out about it. As part of this Madagascar time is opening a fully licensed casino in December/January called timetobet casino.

Madagascar Time has also just welcomed a number of new starters to the team such as Terry Travers, Katie Richardson and Samet Demir who comes from a highly skilled scientific background and has won awards for his computational and chemistry works.

About Us

Established in August 2021, Madagascar Time Limited is a legal company operating in UK. Cofounders Raymond Mullens, Armand Iancu, Ryan Bishop, and Corey Blanchette are equal shareholders. The team is supported by a network of dedicated volunteers and interns from around the world, all of whom are equally passionate about the mission to use crypto for positive change.

The name "Madagascar" and the lemur logo were chosen to reflect the founders' ethos of environmental awareness. The island country is one of the most climate-vulnerable nations in the world and its lemur population is currently in decline. The team chose "$TIME" as the name of its cryptocurrency to underscore the immediate need for action to save our planet and safeguard the lives of future generations.

For more information, visit and follow the team on Telegram. Additional tips on how to buy can be located here.

Contact details: Ryan Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer, [email protected]