The study revealed 43% of Bitcoin investors are women

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Women are interested in BTC

The organization behind the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and other funds tightened to crypto prices requested a study of investor understandings of bitcoin. The study revealed that only a third part of all US investors are involved in the leading crypto coin, and of that interested group, 43% are women.

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When they are given a variety of BTC's investment features to select from, women frequently say that they prefer the opportunity to invest in limited amounts (meaning that you don't have to buy one BTC and you can get just a small part of it), the capacity to sell at any time, and they think bitcoin is a high-risk, high-compensate lot that has the potential for very substantial incomes.

This study was carried by Q8 Research, which involved 1100 US investors, from 25 to 64 years old, in the period from March 28-April 3. The condition was that the household earnings of the investors should have been $50000, and investable assets should equal $10000.

Grayscale mentioned that the condition of being "interested in the coin" doesn't always mean the action of investing. Most of the people are interested in buying a range of things, but never actually get them.

Most of the surveyed women said they lack information about the cryptocurrency, but the interested female respondents stated they would like to invest in the coin if they knew more about it.

After announcing the results of this study, Grayscale managing director Michael Sonnenshein said that this study indicates that companies like Grayscale have a chance of increasing investments in cryptocurrencies by providing more educative programs to the target audience.