The court made Telegram report on all transactions of Grams

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New York City District Court

The New York City District Court inquired Telegram to present the SEC with all information about the placement of the Gram digital currency.

Pavel Durov’s advocates and delegates of the US regulator will meet to discuss the terms of transaction disclosure between the organization and investors.

In the middle of the week, it became known that the developers of the Gram token themselves agreed to disclose information about the ICO.

However, the company said it was ready to provide only part of the data. Now, it will be obliged to give the SEC with any information on the placement of the cryptocurrency that the regulator will request.

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Telegram should also provide the commission with data on terminated agreements with investors by May 20.

Recall, on March 24, an American court listed the Gram digital currency as a securities category, and also decided to stop the transfer of this asset to investors who invested in the Telegram Open Network project.

The judge’s ruling said that between 2018 and 2020, the team of Pavel Durov spent about $ 405 million on the creation of the TON. Of the total volume funded by investors, developers used about 24% of the capital.