Sorare Welcomes PSG. Blockchain Game Hits US

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Sorare welcomes PSG

Sorare, a global fantasy football game keeps growing. It has signed 2020 Champions League finalist Paris Saint-Germain F.C. as the 100th licensed club in the game.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Sorare creates unique digital trading cards representing professional soccer players that can be traded by users. So, now PSG stars also will be tokenized on the blockchain allowing the users to form their fantasy teams and play against each other. Besides, some former PSG players, like David Beckham will also be tokenized. There are different types of player cards that undergo purchase in different scarcities, among them limited-edition cards

Sorare offers player cards for purchase in various scarcities, including limited-edition cards, each of which is evidently scarce through the blockchain.

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Sorare has another great news too. The game will officially be launched in the US.

Statistics show that currently, Sorare has over 40000 users all over the world. This means that since 2019 the game had an average 52% month-over-month growth. Accordingly, the game's income has also increased. Last month it was $800,000.