ShapeShift launched FOX token, offering 0-commission trading

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ShapeShift FOX token

ShapeShift, an instant crypto exchange platform has announced the launch of its FOX token, thanks to which users have the opportunity to make transactions without trading fees.

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According to ShapeShift, all users, both new and existing, have the opportunity to receive 100 FOX tokens (ERC-20 standard token), keeping them on their balance, and receive commission-free transactions. Each FOX token is valued at $10 of free trading volume for 30 days (after which the statistics are reset to zero) and cannot be sold or spent.

Thus, users get the opportunity to make transactions with zero commissions in the amount of $1000 per month.

At the same time, the company notes that miner commissions are still applied for each operation.

To receive FOX tokens, the account must be linked to one of the supported hardware wallets KeepKey or Trezor, or the recently launched Portis service.

The company also declares its readiness to provide high liquidity and the most attractive rates. According to ShapeShift, sometimes exchange rates are 1-2% lower than competing sites.