Royal Bank of Canada plans to launch a crypto exchange

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Royal Bank of Canada

Reportedly the most extensive by market capitalization bank of Canada is going to launch its crypto exchange. Royal Bank of Canada’s patents revealed some of the technologies that the financial institution may integrate and which would bring digital currency trading to RBC’s 16 million clients.

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In The Logic’s report, it was mentioned that RBC is currently studying the construction of digital currencies trading platforms. As to the article, the bank will provide its clients with an opportunity of investing in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. RBC is also involved in forming stocks with a basket of digital currencies.

During the last World Economic Forum in Davos, David McKay, the CEO of RBC, announced that the bank intends to boost distributed ledger technology. He said that they are testing with using an asset, dividing it into smaller parts and recording that in a blockchain ledger, so anyone can take an asset or an organisation, build a unit with it and sell it on a marketplace.

Royal Bank of Canada has approximately 27 blockchain-based patents in its portfolio. Even in 2015, RBC expressed interest ion blockchain, but not everyone paid enough attention to this.

The RBC research writes that there’re a lot of dangers connected with decentralized assets, but in the lengthy run “the potentialities of cryptocurrencies are indisputable.”