SBI Procures Digital Asset Trading Platform B2C2

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SBA acquires B2C2

Japanese financial organization SBI has gained a 90% stake in B2C2, a leading liquidity provider in digital currency. This aims to draw institutional investors into crypto. According to the Dec. 16 announcement, SBI Holdings’ branch SBI Financial Services has purchased UK-headquartered crypto-asset exchanging company B2C2.

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Earlier, in July SBI got a minority shareholding in B2C2, thus providing crypto trading through the platform. There are no details revealed about the recent deal. The firms mentioned that the agreement intends to offer new business opportunities for large financial entities keen on investing in crypto.

Max Boonen, creator, and CEO of B2C2 stressed the fact that Bitcoin’s new all-time highs that happened in 2020 confirmed the importance of crypto assets in the monetary industry again. He assumes that in the following decade the role of crypto assets will expand, so the team is proud of the company's expansion.

Earlier this month SBI Holdings collaborated with Switzerland’s SIX Digital Exchange to implement institutional cryptocurrency assistance in Singapore.