Pavel Durov denied rumors about the sale of Telegram

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Pavel Durov

After Pavel Durov's team refused to implement the Telegram Open Network cryptocurrency project, reports appeared in the media that the sale of this popular messenger was allegedly being prepared.

Recall that the project to launch the Gram token and the TON blockchain network was stopped due to pressure from the American authorities. The head of the company Pavel Durov promised that the project investors are going to be able to get their money back.

In early August, Russian trader Kirill Promzin announced that the Telegram messenger could be sold in whole or in part. That is supposedly necessary so that Durov's team was able to pay off its debts to investors.

The iXBT resource notes that the analyst Promzin is known for predicting the run of Bitcoin in the second half of 2017 back in 2012.

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However, after his statement, Durov made a post on Telegram, in which he denied information about the impending sale of the messenger.

He stressed that unlike other companies, Telegram does not intend to sell its business. The corresponding proposals came to him from some countries, but they were all rejected.

The founder of the messenger summarized: "We do not betray our users. We do not sell Telegram either partially or completely. That is our position."