Pancake Bunny Lost $200 M as a Result of Flash Loan Attack

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Pancake Bunny attacked

Today, May 20 Binance Smart Chain-based DeFi aggregator PanCake Bunny was attacked and lost $200 M in crypto. The hacker used a flash loan.

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After the exploit, the price of the BUNNY token fell significantly, by about 96%.

PanCake Bunny's team announced the criminal's steps through several tweets. First, the hacker borrowed a large amount of Binance Coins (BNB) using the platform. Next, he or she manipulated the price of USDT/BNB as BUNNY/BNB and got a large sum in BUNNY tokens via that flash loan.

Afterwards, the attacker dumped all the units in the market, which resulted in the decline of BUNNY's price.

The hack was completed with the return of the BNB via PancakeSwap.

Pancake Bunny was launched in December 2020. It allows users to earn income through yield farming using the DeFi exchange PancakeSwap.