Oracle aims to use blockchain for solving a billion-dollar-cost food issue

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Oracle aims to use blockchain for solving a billion-dollar-cost food issue

In 2018 Oracle entered a cooperation with the World Bee Projects to leverage cloud technologies to properly assume the drop in global bee populations. The primary goal was to arrange innovative tactics to assist farmers to maintain bee and pollinator habitats.

Oracle’s senior director, Jay Chugh told in an interview with Forbes: “Bee population is dropping fast today and this is mainly caused by human intervention and the application of fertilizers in crops. This is very harmful for many numerous reasons. For instance, almost 77% of the food we eat depends on pollination. It’s about $577 billion of food produced each year globally”.

To conjecture why the global bee population has been decreasing over time, Oracle began working with the World Bee Project to start the “World Bee Project Hive Network.” The Hive Network remotely handles data through interconnected beehives using IoT sensors. The gathered information is then supplied into Oracle’s Cloud, which applies analytics instruments including AI and data visualization, to give researchers new insights into the relationships among bees and their environments.

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This month Oracle stated that it is leveraging its blockchain platform to ensure that honey is being produced from sustainable sources. To show that honey is produced sustainably Oracle and The Hive network are going to develop a new label, which will be called a “BeeMark”.

John Abel, vice president of cloud and innovation at Oracle, told that this new label is a monitor that they are using to capture the warmth, sounds, the weight of beehives and so on. Once the data is collected, they put it on a blockchain to indicate that honey was not changed or corrupted. The project is still doing its first steps, but it intends to help consumers find out all required info about the honey just by scanning the “BeeMark” label.

Oracle’s blockchain is powered by Hyperledger Fabric, like IBM’s Food Trust Network. Still, the Food Trust is cooperating with various companies, Oracle is yet working only with the WBP, which is a non-profit organization.