Optimism launches testnet of its Ethereum scaling solution

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The Optimism startup, which is developing a second-tier scaling solution for the Ethereum network called optimistic rollup, has launched a limited testnet. According to the developers, the process of launching the solution will be phased - an optimistic rollup will be integrated with a small group of decentralized applications to isolate potential errors.

The first application to be integrated with the Optimism testnet will be the Synthetix decentralized exchange. The exchange will incentivize its users to test the Optimism network by paying rewards totaling 200,000 SNX tokens (about $ 930,000).

“There are no words to express our gratitude to Synthetix for the opportunity to test our code in conditions that are as close to the main network as possible,” said the Optimism team.

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Also, the Optimism network is planning to test the Uniswap decentralized exchange and the Chainlink decentralized oracle network.